Jun 122009

Artomatic opening night, the mixed media crew filmed visitors sharing stories and secrets with PostSecret creator Frank Warren. Simple and salacious, our secrets weave a sexy story of scandal, spirit, and surprising everyday experiences.

PostSecret was created for Artomatic in 2004 and has become an international sensation, attracting nearly 500,000 secrets from around the world.

Frank Warren signs your copy of A Lifetime of Secrets Saturday, June 13th, 7-9pm at the 7th floor Artomatic store. Come see never-before-seen post cards and grab a limited edition ‘PostSecrets from Artomatic’ post card to send your secret!

PostSecret Confessions on Life, Death & God hits shelves October 6th.

Video by:

Eric Shutt, Richard Murby + Mila Adamova.

Special thanks to Frank Warren + PostSecret!