Nov 252009

DC Commission on Arts & Humanities recently commissioned mural artist Joel Bergner to paint Bloombars – a small community arts space in Columbia Heights, DC. Joel’s mural tells the story of a Felipe, a boy living in the “Favela (shantytown) City of God in Brazil.”

Felipe's Story Mural at Bloombars

Felipe's Story Mural by Joel Bergner at Bloombars art space in Columbia Heights, DC

The image was created with an easy process in Photoshop, explained by DC-area Adobe guru Richard Harrington of the agency RHED Pixel – in a workshop on Photoshop for Motion Design at the 2009 DC Motion Graphics Festival.

To create the full image, four portrait-aspect (vertical) photos are combined in Photoshop by:

  1. Add all photos as individual layers to one Photoshop doc + select all layers.
  2. [click] EDIT >> AUTO-ALIGN LAYERS… (Photoshop will arrange all of the photos).
  3. [click] EDIT >> AUTO-BLEND LAYERS… (Photoshop will smooth out photo edges).

The process works best with about 40% overlap between single photos when shooting by hand, or by rotating a tripod head about 15° for panoramic or 360° images, according to Harrington.

Harrington’s Photoshop for Video Blog features hundreds more tips on cool tricks in Photoshop, at