Sep 062012

Barack Obama inspired his way into the White House in 2008 with a message that resonated on the streets of Washington, DC. Since then, depictions of the President have popped up across the nation’s capital. Obama-related graffiti even made it into our very first blog post, just after inauguration in 2009.

Here’s how the Prez has been depicted during the first four years on the streets of the seat of power:

Barack Obama Sticker - Portrait

Barack Obama Dog Walk and Wheatpaste Poster Washington DC

Obama 2008 Poster Washington DC

Obama 2008 Poster at 14th and U St. Washington DC

Barack Obama Dog Walk Washington DC 2012

No Drama with Obama 2012 Washington DC Stencil

Obama 2008 Basketball Washington DC Wheatpaste Poster

OBAMA 2012 Washington DC Sticker 1

OBAMA CERO Sticker 2012 Washington DC

Barack Obama Faces Sticker Washington DC

OBAMA 2012 Washington DC Sticker 2

Michelle Obama Rocs the Mic Washington DC

Obama Tort Reform Washington DC Sticker

Mr Obama We Need De Jobs Mural Washington DC

Mr Obama We Need De Jobs Mural Close-up Washington DC

DC51 Obama Stencil Washington DC

Jan 20 2012 Obama Inauguration 2008 Stencil Washington DC

Mutual Aid Washington DC 2009

Washington DC Mural MixedMediaDistrict

Got any photos of Obama street art?

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  4 Responses to “Barack Obama Washington DC Graffiti + Street Art [PHOTOS]”

  1. Where were the “Jan 20 Our Streets” and the last “Queen” pics taken???

  2. Where is the Obama “progress” located?

    • That Obama Progress mural is actually where the Marvin is today; at the corner of 14th & U St NW DC. In 2008 when the previous building was torn down to renovate, this Shepard Fairey piece popped up along with DECOY (woman in blue dress) at the construction site.

      The murals are still there, sort of — they’re behind the brick wall in Marvin on the north side (left, as you walk in), between Marvin and Gibson. If you had walked past during construction, you could see the new building being built around the mural. Today, you can still see a weathered Obama Progress mural from the same time on top of Logan Hardware by Whole Foods at 15th & P St. NW DC.

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