Feb 192011

Only weeks ago, we were warned of an imminent, global cultural tipping-point: that we, as a human race, are on the cusp of true belief in alien life. And that’s when it happened. Extraterrestrial graffiti started popping up all over DC.

Above: a message. And a preview of what’s to come.

We started to notice it everywhere – swooping in in the middle of the night, apparently out of no where! With no confirmed sources, clues, further evidence or research – we are forced to conclude that aliens have assumed a full-scale visual attack on our nation’s capital – and thus, the world.

Above: the photo that started it all – an early sighting sent by a reader for our Reader Shots series.

Got photos of graffiti + advertising in DC? Send your pics!

We’re collecting photos of graffiti + advertising in Washington DC to catalog the influence of cultural arts in the media, marketing, community + politics of America’s Capital city.

Find + share more Reader Shots at: http://www.flickr.com/groups/mixedmediadistrict/

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