May 232013

If you’ve been past Logan hardware and Whole Foods by 14th & P St. NW over the past 4 years, in the alley behind Irvine Contemporary and Transformer galleries, you’ve seen a long standing set of murals by Shephard Fairey, Gaia, and others.

Slowly, as to be expected, the murals met their fate. Possibly first was when Whole Foods mistakenly painted over Gaia’s part of it after a neighbor complained. Then the Cat Aids moniker showed up on the Shephard Fairey portion at street view. Lame. Piece by piece, the murals broke down.

Now, a new set of murals is up and fresh — a NEKST tribute + PEAR x AREK x ELI x CON. Go catch them in person before they’re gone!

IMG_0553-edit copy - 2000 px

IMG_0554-edit copy - 2000 px

IMG_0555-edit copy - 2000 px

IMG_0886 - edit IMG_0887 - edit

IMG_0880 - edit

IMG_0885 - edit

IMG_0881 - edit


And for a little refresher, here’s what used to be there:

1-ShephardFaireyLoganHardware copy - 2000 px

ShephardFaireyLoganHardware copy - 2000 px

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  2 Responses to “New Murals at 14th & P St. NW DC: NEKST tribute + PEAR x AREK x ELI x CON”

  1. The first one is a Nekst tribute. Pear x Arek combo peice. ELI . CON.

  2. The NEKST piece is by REVOK. The piece next to CON is ENRON.

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