May 222010

Inspiration Exhibition opened at American University’s Katzen Museum May 8 + runs to June 6th.

Details, show info, and Facebook like buttons are on the Inspiration Exhibition Facebook Page. Favorites by DECOY, and Juan Pineda, are below – but of course they can’t beat a visit to the exhibit. More pics are posted on Flickr.


DECOY: relax, 2010

Juan Pineda,2010

Juan Pineda, 2010

AU writes: “Programmed by emerging curators in AU’s Arts Management program, “inSPIRATion” is 15 inspirational shows in one, from graffiti art and spoken word, to vanishing photography and junk-clock sculpture … Through a broad range of media and expression, the exhibition explores the origins—and destinations—of inspiration.”

InSPIRATation writes: “What inspires an artist to create? SPIRAT … Spirat takes its letters from the word INSPIRATION, suggesting the “spirit” of a work of art. Where did a piece come from? What inspired the artist to create? … Living in a media-driven, high-speed world, we hope to share a perspective of current issues revolving around the idea of inspiration.

As spirat is taken from inspiration, artists take inspiration from the world around them. They use images and concepts from other people, places, and sources in their own work. This exhibition features the relationships artists have with their own inspirations.”

More on the InSPIRATion Exhibiton Facebook Page

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