Nov 082011

Fridge Mural 1 - small


As part of the exhibit ‘Above The Radar II,’ The Fridge and Albus Calvus teamed up on a workshop this past weekend  to teach elements of graffiti style and technique. Two ‘crews’ worked with pros to sketch out the lettering, characters, and colors to create their own murals.

Above The Radar II is on display at The Fridge thru December 3. More details below.

Fridge Mural

Fridge Albus Cavus Rise Up Mural In Progress

Fridge x Albus Cavus RiseUp Mural 2

The Fridge Albus Cavus RiseUp Mural 3

The Fridge Albus Cavus Zoom Mural In Progress

The Fridge Albus Cavus Zoom Mural 2

Fridge Mural section

The Fridge Above The Radar Exhibit Work The Fridge Above The Radar Exhibit Work The Fridge Above The Radar Exhibit Work

The Fridge Above The Radar Exhibit Work 2

The Fridge Bball sticker


About Above The Radar II:

This travelling exhibition, curated by Luna George of Los Angeles-based Crewest Gallery, features works of art by nearly 70 graffiti and street artists from the Western United States and beyond.

Featured artists are: 2wenty, 4sakn, Bash, Bron Theron, Bytedust, Caleb Aero, CANLOVE, Champ, Chor Boogie, Contra One, Crash Manson, CS Navarette, CYFI, CYRCLE, Daniel Perez, Defer, Deih, DENZ One, Dersk, Destroy All Design, Drast, Dread, Dril One, Each, Else, Lydia Emily, EnikOne, Enoe, Eone, Ezra, Heaven, Homo Riot, Hungerman, Hydra, INEPT, IROK, Jeanette Paredes, Jero, Joe Iurato, John Carr, JTS, Julietta XLF, JW Pippen, Kophns one, Man One, Mar, Mas, Max Neutra, Mear, Meex, Michael Pizarro, Nils Jawa, Nineta, Phers, Phever, Pichi & Avo, Political Gridlock, Pose 2, Revel, Rick Rodriguez, Rome, Sand One, SCOTCH!, Sergio D, Shai Dahan, SMEAR, Steve Martinez aka Pablo Jimenez, Such, Thomas the Messenger, Two Rabbits, Valerie G, Vanae Rivera, Victor Malagon, Vyal

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