Mar 092010

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Guest post by kiramarch.

It’s been a hot event since the very beginning. That first year, we waited in the cramped stairwell forever while an apologetic DCist crew, awed by the turnout, handed out free beer.

That was 2007. This year, even the 5,000-sq-ft Longview Gallery was pushed to the limit. At 6:45, there was a 45-minute wait to get in, and DCist reports a crowd of 1,800 people.

But for me, the headline was the quality of the photos. The first couple years, I dutifully sorted through my photos, got opinions from friends, and submitted my best shots. I remember thinking there were some great photos in the pool, but mine at least stood a chance of getting picked.

Not anymore.

I didn’t make it through the whole exhibit on Saturday (too many people, too many fancy liquor samples), but here are a few I lingered over:

By Flickr user Alex Barth (click for more)

by Flickr user jdmalis (click for more)

And here are twists on two classic DC views. The photogs don’t allow me to embed them here, but they are totally worth clicking through for.

Sigh. Maybe photography stardom is out reach for most of us, but at least we get to enjoy some really nice photos at a hoppin’ DC art show. Props to DCist for pulling this one off!

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  1. Thanks for including my photo in your list of faves from the show! I’m flattered. Glad you enjoyed opening night!

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