Nov 262013
After years of spotting DC graffiti, this pic is still a favorite. An unlikely shot, it captures a peak in Red Line graffiti that’s taken a hit in recent years by development along the metro. Extra credit if you know the building this is on. Still, DC Metro Red Line from Union Station to Silver Spring is a great way to find new DC graffiti. But don’t blink, it’ll go by fast.
Nov 262013
Have you seen #STICKMAN in DC recently? New stickman figures have cropped up across town in the past few weeks, notably in Dupont Circle and mid-city.


Stickman Washington DC Dupont Circle 2
#STICKMAN can be found up and down the Northeast US and Canada, with sightings from DC and Philly all the way up to Montreal — and reports from coast to coast across the US from Boston to Ann Arbor, Hollywood and San Francisco.


Below, a few we’ve seen recently around DC:
Stickman Washington DC Dupont Circle 3
Stickman Washington DC Dupont Circle 4
Stickman Washington DC Dupont Circle 5
Stickman Washington DC Dupont Circle Graffiti
And, a few from the archives:
Stickman Washington DC Dupont Circle 9 Stickman Washington DC Dupont Circle 8 Stickman Washington DC Dupont Circle 7

Have you seen #STICKMAN in DC?

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Jun 252013

Sometimes a spot stays up much longer than you’d expect, especially given an area’s traffic and change in streetscape. That’s definitely the case with this simple tag by JAZI on 16th St. NW across from Caroline.


Central and visible, view of the spot is usually blocked by parked cars (as we found it), so you’d have to catch it at just the right moment to notice at all. Plus, the difficulty getting to it makes it easy to pass.

Around the corner – a new stencil seen recently around Dupont that will likely be a bit more fleeting.


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Jun 072013

“Every day I see something new” mural by Chelove @ Kalorama + Champlain St. NW #DC


Photo by: @LaurenKerwell // From the artist:


May 272013

Walking around Dupont and U St. this week, you may have seen these new stickers by DECOY featuring The Sweater Set. The yellow one is on U St. b/t 16th & 17th, south side of the street. The blue one is at the corner of 17th & Riggs, on the back of a sign.

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IMG_0854 - edit



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May 232013

If you’ve been past Logan hardware and Whole Foods by 14th & P St. NW over the past 4 years, in the alley behind Irvine Contemporary and Transformer galleries, you’ve seen a long standing set of murals by Shephard Fairey, Gaia, and others.

Slowly, as to be expected, the murals met their fate. Possibly first was when Whole Foods mistakenly painted over Gaia’s part of it after a neighbor complained. Then the Cat Aids moniker showed up on the Shephard Fairey portion at street view. Lame. Piece by piece, the murals broke down.

Now, a new set of murals is up and fresh — a NEKST tribute + PEAR x AREK x ELI x CON. Go catch them in person before they’re gone!

IMG_0553-edit copy - 2000 px

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